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THE CASE FOR THE UFO Unidentified Flying Objects By M.K. Jessup 2 PREFACE On the evening of April 20, 1959, an astronomer committed suicide in Dade County Park, Florida. Inhaling automobile exhaust fumes, which he had introduced from the tail pipe through a hose into his station wagon, he died in the same academic obscurity in which he had lived, unheralded and almost unrecognized in his discipline. Ironically, the scientist’s only public recognition had come from lay people, who had read his series of four books about unidentified flying objects. Morris K. Jessup’s first book, The Case For the UFO, had tended to alienate him from his colleagues, though it came and went with relatively few sales. Its publisher sold it off to second-hand bookstores at $1.00 each. Today it brings $25.00 or better per copy, if you can find one. It was a paperback edition of the same book, published in 1955 by Bantam Books that enmeshed Jessup in one of the most bizarre mysteries in UFO history. An annotated reprint of the paperback was laboriously typed out on offset stencils and printed in a very small run by a Garland, Texas manufacturing company which produced equipment for the military. Each page was run through the small office duplicator twice, once with black ink for the regular text of the book, then once again with red ink, the latter reproducing the mysterious annotations by three men, who may have been gypsies, hoaxters, or space people living among men. The spiral bound 8 ½” X 11” volume, containing more that 200 pages, became known as The Annotated Edition. The reprint quickly became legend. A few civilian UFO enthusiasts claimed to have seen copies, and it was rumored that a few close associates of the late Mr. Jessup possessed copies. Many people claimed it simply had never existed. Because you are now holding a virtually exact facsimile of The Annotated Edition in your hands, it is most obvious that the book existed. But the big mystery still remains: why did a Government contractor go to so much trouble to reprint a book that had been rejected by the scientific community, and further to include mysterious letters to the author and even more bizarre annotations? And with this mystery goes the suspicion that the book may have been printed by the manufacturer at the request of the military, which implies Government interest in some of the weirdest aspects of “Flying Saucer” study. Jessup’s Background Not much detail is known of Jessup’s life before he emerged as one of the early writers on UFOs, mainly because nobody has taken the trouble to do the needed research. Probably the most that Ufology knows about him prior to his involvement with flying saucers is contained on the jacket flap of his first book. He is described as having been an instructor in astronomy and mathematics at the University of Michigan and Drake University. The Jacket copy also notes that Jessup completed his thesis for the doctorate degree in astro-physics at the University of Michigan, though it does not state whether on not he was awarded the actual degree. In the academic business, usually the thesis is the thing that comes 3 last, and is the final step in the awarding of the doctorate degree. Sometimes these doctoral candidates are deferentially called “Doctor” by their associates, though it cannot be used officially by them. This would seem to be the case of Jessup, who was often addressed as “Dr. Jessup”, but who never used the title in correspondence, nor on the covers or title pages of his four books. Very likely Jessup was never actually awarded the degree. Apparently, his thesis consisted of a report on his research program which (again according to the book jacket) resulted in several thousand discoveries of physical double-stars “which are now catalogued in the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society of London”. The short biography also lists other important research activities by Jessup. It indicates that he was assigned by the United State Department of Agriculture to study the sources of crude rubber in the headwaters of the Amazon, though no date is given. He made archeological studies of the Maya in the jungles of Central America for the Carnegie Institute of Washington. Without identifying the source of sponsorship or financing, the jacket states that he explored Inca ruins in Peru, and concluded that the stonework he found there had been “erected by the levitating power of space ships in antediluvian times”. Also: “Mr. Jessup’s latest explorations have taken him to the high plateau of Mexico where he has discovered an extensive group of craters. They are as large as, and similar to, the mysterious lunar craters Linne and Hyginus N, and he believes them to have been made by objects from space. They are presently under study by means of aerial photography and the study will be ready for publication in approximately eighteen months”. Apparently the further exploration of the craters was never carried out. According to James W. Moseley, former publisher of Saucer News, Jessup sought university, foundation and private sponsorship of the project, but was unsuccessful in gaining sufficient interest and funds. The Allende Letters The mystery of the annotated paperback edition of The Case for the UFO was preceded by a series of strange letters from Carlos Miguel Allende addressed to Jessup. Two of these, reproduced as part of the Annotated Edition, appear in the following pages. The letters claimed that as a result of a strange experiment at sea utilizing principles of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, a destroyer and all its crew became invisible during October, 1943. “The Field was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape,” Allende wrote. He added that “any person within that sphere became vague in form, and that as a result of the experiment some of the crew went insane. Further horrifying aspects of the alleged experiment are detailed in the two letters (See Appendix). The Allende letters became connected with The Annotated Edition when the Varo Manufacturing Company evidently got in touch with Jessup in regard to the latter. Varo’s unusual involvement in the mystery began a few months after February 1956, In April of that year Admiral N. Furth, Chief of the Office of Naval Research, Washington D.C., received a manila envelope postmarked Seminole, a small town in Texas. Written across its face was the notation “Happy Easter”. When Furth opened the envelope he found a copy of the Jessup paperback. We are not certain of Furth’s reactions, but we can assume that he thumbed through the book and that his interest was piqued by a series of notes, interjections, underscorings, etc., in three colors of ink, apparently written by three different people. Only the name of one of the authors of the annotations appeared in the notes, that of “Jemi”. The paperback had apparently been passed through the hands of the strange annotators several times. This conclusion could be drawn from the fact that the notes indicated discussions between two or all three of the men, with questions answered, and places where parts of a note had been marked through, underlined, or added to by one or both of the other men. Some had been deleted by marking through. The notes had a tone of absolute weirdness. Sometimes they agreed with Jessup’s original text; sometimes they contradicted it, as they referred to two types of people living in space. They specified two habitats for the space people: underseas, and what they termed the “stasis neutral”, the latter term apparently in agreement with Jessup’s exposition on points of neutral gravity in space. They mentioned the building of undersea cities and identified two groups of spacemen, “L-M’s” and “S-M’s”. The “L-M’s” were designated as peaceful, the “S-M’s” as sinister. 4 Some of the terms used would have been familiar to any ufologist of the 1950’s, yet others expressed an alien-like vocabulary which had never been previously used in “saucer” literature. Some of the terms were: Mothership, home-ship, dead-ship, great ark, great bombardment, great return, great war, little-men, force-fields, deep freezes, measure markers, scout ships, magnetic and gravity fields, sheet of diamond, cosmic rays, force cutters, inlay work, clear-talk, telepathing, burning “coat”, nodes, vortice, magnetic “net”. They explained what happened to people and to ships and planes which had disappeared, as discussed in Jessup‘s original text – and elaborated upon the origin of odd storms and clouds, objects falling from the sky, strange marks and footprints, and other matters Jessup wrote about. Two Theories We do not know Admiral Furth’s personal reaction to the strangely marked paperback. The history of this matter, again from a confidential source, next surfaces several months later, in July or August of the same year, when the paperback was passed on to Major Darrel L. Ritter, U.S.M.C., Aeronautical Project Officer of ONR. Soon afterward, and no date is available, Captain Sidney Sherby joined ONR, and, along with Commander George W. Hoover, Special Projects Officer, ONR, indicated interest in the book. Sherby and Hoover were deeply involved in satellite development, and supervising the systems which would later place the first U.S. satellite into orbit. Some UFO buffs have expressed the belief that they were also coordinating gravity research, and that this was the reason for their interest. The book was evidently taken to the Varo firm by Sherby, possibly in conjunction with Hoover. At that time, Varo was deeply involved in aero-space design and manufacturing for the military. One division was called “Military Assistance”, which may have coordinated the firm’s activities with the government, and occasionally performed personal services for military personnel (as any commercial organization might do). At any rate, the Military Assistance Division agreed to run off a limited number of copies of the annotated book, and it was laboriously typed out my Miss Michael Ann Dunn, personal secretary to the president of the company, a Mr. Stanton. (Incidentally, Miss Dunn no longer is employed by Varo. Varo says that personnel records fails to find a record of her employment!) Two theories evolve as to Varo’s role in publishing the Annotated Edition: (1) Top military brass passed this down through the lower echelon, thus avoiding the responsibility should there be any publicity, and it was published surreptitiously by Varo, the personnel of which may have had top military security clearance – avoiding sending it to a government printing source, where word might leak out. The Military was interested in applications of the notes to secret research being carried out by the U.S. After printing, the limited edition could be passed around to interested persons, and distributed to other contractors engaged in secret military development. (2) Lower echelon officers, such as Sherby, had deep personal interests in the UFO mystery, and wanted copies to give to other Naval personnel who held similar interests. As a matter of personal interest, they asked the Varo company to make the reprint, knowing that the contractor would comply, as one of the many personal favors they may have extended to military personnel. The latter of these alternatives is the writer's best guess. No great degree of secrecy seemed to have been employed. Jessup was called in by Varo and shown the book, and nothing in his subsequent writings or reported conversations indicates he was requested to maintain secrecy. Permission was obtained both from the author and the publisher, Citadel Press, to reproduce the text of the original book. Jessup was given several copies, probably the source of the copies a few UFO researchers reportedly possess. One such copy, according to Riley H. Crabb, Director of Borderland Sciences Research, has been given to the late Bryant H. Reeves, author of two books published by Ray Palmer. Crabb told me recently that he saw the Varo Edition while visiting Reeves at his home in Virginia Beach. Reeves agreed to lend the volume for a brief period, and Crabb, who told me he felt that both he and Reeves were "under surveillance", hesitated to carry it with him back to his home in California. He posted it to himself, but it was lost in the mails. A tradition of bad luck or strange circumstances is connected with possession of the Varo Edition. One person's home, along with the book, was destroyed by fire shortly after he acquired a copy. Capt. 5 Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Bluebook, suffered a fatal heart attack, allegedly shortly after he read a borrowed copy. Robert Loftin, UFO author, who also died prematurely, was another rumored owner of the book. Of course, except for the deaths, thus is purely hearsay, and, if true, could have been the result of coincidence. Regardless of the motivation behind printing the Annotated Edition, neither Varo nor the military could foresee the zeal of civilian UFO research in its probing of the matter. Intrigued by the mystery, and questioning the untimely death of Jessup, Ufologists began delving. At least two national magazine articles explored Jessup's death and his connection with the book. Our Personal Involvement Our personal involvement with the mystery surrounding Jessup began after we heard of his suicide and began looking into rumors involving the above matters. Our findings became the basis for a book, The Strange Case of Dr. M.K. Jessup, published in 1963 by Saucerian Books, and reprinted in 1965 and 1967. The book contained a chapter about The Annotated Edition and reproduced the Preface with annotations, though not in facsimile. The Preface was provided by Riley Crabb of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates Foundation, Inc. Our interest continued, though we had never seen an actual copy of The Annotated Edition, and often doubted that it really existed. One of our correspondents claimed to possess the complete volume in photocopy form and sent us second generation copies of a few pages to prove his point. Brad Steiger provided miniature reproductions of three actual pages to illustrate an article, "Fantastic Key to the Flying Saucer Mystery," in Saga magazine, November, 1967. He noted that the reproductions were from a microfilm copy owned by Stephen Yankee. We finally acquired one of the rare original copies in 1971 from a friend of the late Mr. Jessup, to whom he had given one of the few copies supplied him by its publisher. Observing the clarity of the printing and the good physical condition of our copy we began exploring the idea of a facsimile reprint. I am president of a small publishing company, Saucerian Press, Inc., which specializes in limited editions of works pertaining to unidentified flying objects. Sales of these books rarely exceed 2,000 copies, and the main purpose of the publisher is to provide distribution for works, sales of which do not warrant general trade publication. Publishing a facsimile of The Annotated Edition would present problems. It contained about twice the number of pages of our usual publications; it demanded expensive separation negatives and printing, and its appeal would be much more limited than our usual books. It would demand a run of no more than 500 copies and would have to sell at a relatively high price. While prudence urged that the idea be dropped, two overwhelming considerations urged us on. The original edition of The Case For the UFO had long been out of print, was becoming very rare among antiquarian dealers. The Annotated Edition was almost legendary, surrounded by excessive mystery and controversy, and unavailable to serious students of the UFO mystery, either in libraries or by their own personal acquisition. In July 1972, Saucerian Press made the positive decision to publish this edition. The Facsimile Edition We have reproduced the original as faithfully as possible, within the photo-mechanical means available to us. The body of the facsimile edition begins with the Introduction on the following page. No information as to the authorship of this Introduction is given in the original. It is, however, competently done, helps to explain what is to follow and comments further upon the arrangement of the volume. In our original copy the Appendix is bound between the original Introduction to Jessup's text and Part One of the body of the book. While this could be a mistake in binding, the Appendix, consisting of the two Allende letters, does help set the tone and scene for The Annotated Edition and most likely was bound there on purpose. Not having a second coy for comparison, we have included the Appendix at the same place, even though this represents a radical placement. 6 The writer is happy that this work is going to be printed. He believes it will represent a contribution to the literature of Ufology, some minor monument to those strange and wonderful times that began with Kenneth Arnold in 1947. Gray Barker July, 1973 7 INTRODUCTION Notations that imply intimate knowledge of UFO's their means of motion, their origin, background, history, and habits of beings occupying UFO's provide an interesting subject for investigation. Such notations were found in a copy of the paperback edition of M.K. Jessup's "Case for the UFO's". Because of the importance which we attach to the possibility of discovering clues to the nature of gravity, no possible item, however disreputable from the point of view of classical science, should be overlooked. The annotated copy, addressed to Admiral N. Furth, Chief, Office of Naval Research, Washington 25, D.C., came in a manila envelope postmarked Seminole, Texas, 1955. Written across the face of the envelope in ink was "Happy Easter." In July or August of that year the book appeared in the incoming correspondence of Major Darrell L. Ritter, U.S.M.C. Aeronautical Project Office in ONR. When Captain Sidney Sherby reported aboard at ONR he obtained the book from Major Ritter. Captain Sherby and Commander George W. Hoover, Special Projects Officer, ONR indicated direct interest in some of the material therein. Varo Mfg. Co., Garland, Texas, offered to re-publish the book together with all notations in a very limited edition as a prelude to consideration of further pursuit of this unconventional material. Miss Michael Ann Dunn has undertaken the task of rewriting this book including all notes, interjections, underscoring, and etc. By form, position, color, and footnotes as much of the meaning and relationships of the original annotated copy is retained as possible. No attempt has been made, with ultra violet light or other methods, to read material which has been crossed out by one of the correspondents. It appears that these notes were written by three persons. The use of three distinct colors of ink-blue, blue-violet, and blue-green-- and the difference in handwriting lead to this conclusion. Hereafter they will be referred to as Mr. A, Mr. B, and Jemi. It is assumed that the third person was Jemi because of the direct use of "Jemi" in salutations and references to that name by Mr. A (Green) and Mr. B (Blue) throughout the book. There are many, some of which appear on pages 2, 81, 122, 126, and 162 in the original book. It is possible of course that it is merely a salutation. It is possible that two of these men are twins. There are two references to this word. They appear on page 6 and page 81 of the original book. The assumption that Mr. A is one of the twins may be correct. On page 81, Mr. A has written and marked through "…and I Do Not know How this came to Pass, Jemi." Then he has written, "I remember, My twin…". On page 6 he writes in an apparent answer to Mr. B, "No, My twin…" We cannot be sure of the other twin. It is probable that these men are Gypsies. In the closing pages of the book Mr. B says, "…only a Gypsy will tell another of that catastrophe. And we are a discredited people, ages ago. Hah! Yet, man wonders where "we" come from…" On page 130 Mr. A. says, "…ours is a way of life, time proven & happy. We have nothing, own nothing except our music & philosophy & are happy." On page 76 Mr. says "Show this to a Brother Gypsy…" On Page 158 the reference to the word "we" by Mr. A could refer to the "discredited people". Charles G. Leland in his book "English Gipsies and Their Language" states that the Gypsies call each other brother and sister, and are not in the habit of admitting to their fellowship people of a different blood and with whom they have no sympathy. This could explain the usage of the term in the closing notes "My Dear Bothers" and perhaps the repeated reference to "vain humankind." This book was apparently passed through the hands of these men several or many times. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that there are discussions between two or all three of the men, questions answered, and places where parts of a note have been marked through, underlined, or added to by one or both of the other men. Some have been deleted by marking through. 8 Shortly after the publication of his book, Mr. Jessup received a letter from a Carlos Miguel Allende. (A copy of this letter and the one that followed appear in the appendix.) Mr. Jessup said that he "had felt from the first that this man was the one who mailed the book to the Navy.." Consideration of the handwriting, style, content, and phraseology of both the notes and letter show a distinct possibility that the letter was written by Mr. A. This conclusion comes from the notes by Mr. A on page 130, 117, and 150. These references to Farraday, Hob-mail or cleated shoes, and catching fire are nearly the same as the ones in the letter. The letter was received by Mr. Jessup in Miami, on Friday January 13, 1956. It was postmarked Gainesville, Texas, and mailed in an envelope of the Turner Hotel, Gainesville. It is copied as nearly verbatim as possible. Mr. Jessup received a second letter from Mr. Allende postmarked Du Bois, Pennsylvania, May 25, 1956. Due to peculiar spelling and other idiosyncrasies there can be little doubt that Mr. A. and Carlos Allende are the same person. These men have been careless in their spelling, capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure; though consistency indicates adherence to custom, perhaps dictated by their original language. The notes are arranged as close to the original as possible. In cases where a word or group of words could not be deciphered footnotes were used. It might seem that the underscore in the book was in the form of a code or that if read separately that it would have a meaning of its own. Superficial examination has failed to disclose such a code. The underscored text usually refer to the notes by the same man. The distinction between the original book and the handwritten additions to it is made by the use of red and black type. Black type indicates the type of the original book. Red type indicates any addition made in handwriting by Mr. A, Mr. B. or Jemi to the original. The placement of the notes indicates the paragraph to which they refer, or to their precise position in the book. The page numbers of the original book are denoted in parenthesis. The matter on the page numbered follows the number. The page numbers of this edition appear at the bottom of each page. It had been necessary to disregard the italics of the original. It might be helpful for you to know a little about the nature of the notes before you begin reading this book. The notes refer to two types of people living in space. Specifically the "stasis neutral" and the undersea are mentioned as habitats. They seem to live in both interchangeably. The building of undersea cities is mentioned. Many different kinds of ships are used as transportation. These two peoples, races or whatever they may be called, are referred to over and over again. They are called LM's and S-Ms. The L-M's seem to be peaceful; the S-M's are not. It seems that the annotations are inclined toward the L-M's as they speak more kindly of them that the S-M's. Terms such as: mothership, home-ship, dead-ship, Great ark, great bombardment, great return, great war, little-men, force-fields, deep freezes, undersea building, measure markers, scout ships, magnetic and gravity fields, sheets of diamond, cosmic rays, force cutters, undersea explorers, inlay work, clear-talk, telepathing, burning "coat", nodes, vortice, magnetic "net", and many others are used quite naturally by these men. They explain how, why, and what happens to people, ships, and planes that have disappeared. They explain the origin of odd storms and clouds, objects falling from the sky, strange marks and footprints, and other things which we have not solved. These men seem to feel that it is too late for man to obtain space flight. They feel that mankind could not cope with "those mind wrecking conditions that space and sea contain" for mankind is to 9 egotistical, values too much the material, wars over mer parcels of the planet, is too filled with jealously, and lacks true brotherhood. How much truth is there in this? That cannot be answered. It is evident that these men provide some very intriguing explanations; explanations that may be worth consideration. 10 PREFACE ____________________________________________________________________________________ The subject of UFO's in its present stage is like astronomy in that it is a purely observational "science," not an experimental one; necessarily, therefore, it must be based on observation and not on experiment. Observation, in this case, consists of everything which can be found to have bearing on the subject. There are thousands of references to it in ancient literature, but the authors did not know that their references had any bearing, for the subject did not then exist. The writers were recording such things as met their senses solely through an honest effort to report inexplicable observational data. Hoping, in those days, that something would "come of it" Nowadays, Science Is afraid that "Something Will Come of it." It will, too, In 1956 or 57 the Air force Will have Ships LIKE these in appearance & Will "feel" safe to announce that Human eyes Have seen Saucers from outer Space BUT to Not be Worried because "we too have these Ships" Oh! Brother What a farce! Ours will be JET propelled not M propelled. Some of my contemporaries have attempted to prove that all of these phenomena are, in some way or other, illusory, and that in any case they do not involve flight, wingless or otherwise, mechanical propulsion or intelligent direction. I consider their negative case unproven because there is an overwhelming mass of authentic evidence (B) which can be cited as: (1) direct observation, (2) indirect observation, and (3) supporting evidence or indication. There is one sphere of indirect evidence in the form of events of mysterious nature which have never been explained. These things would be easy to explain were we to admit the limitations of our own knowledge, and the possibility of "intelligence" elsewhere in the universe operating space ships -- quite possibly more than one kind of "intelligence" and more than one kind of space ship. This world is full of unexplained oddities. The legends of Atlantis and Mu have been favorite targets of the scoffers. "They" say there are no ghosts, no spirits, nothing falls from the sky but iron and stone meteorites. But for centuries the earth was believed to be flat, there was no America, no heliocentric system of earth and planets, no fossil dinosaurs; yet we know these beliefs to have been wrong. Reliable people have been seeing the phenomena known as flying saucers for a thousand years and more. There are good reports as far back as 1500 BC and before. Thousands of people have seen some kind of navigable contraptions in the sky, and some have sworn it under oath. In a day When oaths were just as good as Money -inHand for if incorrect your Neck suffered "The 1 Miracle" from the Church as a knife from the outraged who took your oath. 1 Undecipherable: could be Nracle or Nrack. 11 I cannot agree with any astronomer who insists that all of these things are mirages, planets, clouds or illusions. The majority of the people are articulate enough to tell their stories, and sincere enough to make depositions before notaries public. Even scientists concede that these folk saw something. I see nothing particularly odd in strange descriptions of phenomena the like of which has no earthly counterpart or for which we have no frame of reference. If he does not, then he KNOWS the L-M's. This work is a serious attempt to bring order out of chaos, an attempt to pull all of the facets of this controversy into a basic stratum upon which to make an intelligent evaluation of the subject. M.K. Jessup Washington, D.C. January 13, 1955 If he does succeed in such evaluation Nobody cares enough to bother believing him for that would require the effort of Courage & the Gaiyar are such cowards & conformists. Even if believed, Nobody would dare say so for that would require action & They dare not act in BEHALF OF A BELIEF THAT INTERFERES WITH USUAL LIVING 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS ____________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction PART I The Case for the UFO's "If It Waddles…"? UFO's Are Real There Is Intelligence in Space Short-Cut to Space Travel The Home of the UFO's Are UFO's Russian? Space Flights: Common Denominator 1 3 9 15 20 22 24 PART II Meteorology Speaks Falling Ice Falling Stones Falling Live Things Falling Animal and Organic Matter Falling Shaped Things Falls of Water Clouds and Storms Rubbish in Space 28 32 37 40 45 52 56 60 PART III History Speaks Disappearing Ships and Crews Teleportation or Kidnapping? Levitation Marks and "Footprints" Disappearing Planes Fireballs and Lights Legends 65 75 84 91 97 101 106 PART IV Astronomy Speaks The Incredible Decade UFO's Against the Sun Location of UFO's UFO Patrol The Height of the Puzzle The Case is Proved! A NOTE ON SOURCES 115 119 125 128 133 137 144 List of Illustrations A Flying Saucer photographed over Brasil Passage of Auroral beam, November 17, 1882 Cross found in an ancient grave in Georgia. Meteor from an organic cloud, Salford, England, 1877 The "Devil's Hoofmarks." Six UFO's seen and drawn by Astronomer Barnard in 1882 Comet "B" of 1881 2 13 50 59 92 136 141 13 NOTE: Anyone reading this book would have to KNOW that Electron quatums (sic), Within Molecular structures, are similar in scope of "field" as Planets orbits. They Would Have to know that. Electrons in Metal go across, What in Planetary Systems, would be BILLIONS OF MILES, Leaving three a Graviational field, Deadspot or Node, or Vortice or Neutral as this one thing is variously called. Realizing this as Dr. Albert Einstien did, it shows clearly how solids may become Energy or Dissolute AND How then they May Pass easily out of Visual scope instantly. This is Merely one Clue gleamed from Einstiens Theory of a Unified Magnetic Field through all substances AND throughout Whole inter-GalacticUniverse.U.S. EXPIERMENTS, 1943 ON ONE PART OF IT PROVED PLENTY! Ed: The page numbers in this Table of Contents are the numbers in the original book. 14 INTRODUCTION ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Case for the UFO is perhaps the most unusual and comprehensive volume yet produced on the fascinating subject of the "flying saucers." To bring the rare combination of a scientifically trained mind, plus imaginative, fetter-free thinking to the mysterious subject of possible intelligence from outer space, is something which has been much needed. This is precisely what Jr. Jessup has done. This book is a sound step forward in the great need to approach, dispassionately, material pertaining to the flying saucers; it goes far toward putting the topic on a down-to-earth basis. I have never before seen such apparently unrelated subject matter brought into focus so skillfully and analyzed so successfully. He says "apparently" means "seemingly" It is the men of insight and the men of unobstructed vision of every generation who are able to lead us through the quagmire of a in-a-rut thinking. It is the men of imagination who are able to see relationships which escape the casual observer. It remains for the men of intuition to seek answers while others avoid even the question. Mr. Jessup's analyses are based on phenomena which were of scientific record many years before the present controversial era, and are therefore objective; thus, the overall picture which we have here will, and should, become the bible for the UFO. Whereas, I may not necessarily agree with Mr. Jessup in each of his startling deductions, certainly there is every reason to believe that his is the correct approach: indeed, many of his conclusions will be difficult, if not altogether impossible to refute! Having brought to The Case for the UFO his ability to reason clearly, to research assiduously and to write lucidly and effectively, Mr. Jessup has performed a valuable service to all of us who know and believe_"There are more things in heaven and earth… than are dreamt of in (our) Philosophy." FRANK EDWARDS Jemi; He may reason clearly but only to the point where Logical deduction stops & Emotionalism takes over, as do all Humans. Mortification or pride or Lack of enough evidence May put him on a Soap-box Level. Yet, He is a Scientist and as such May show No such traits, as are ;usually found in Gaiyari. I see your point, Jemi, He could convince the whole thing but then have you ever tried to tell the Honest truth about Something of which only you have observed? True enough, It cannot be done. So Let us see What this man has in ways of Doing So, Eh? 15 APPENDIX The first letter received by Mr. Jessup from Carols Allende: Carlos Miguel Allende R. D. #1 Box 223 New Kensington, Penn. My Dear Dr. Jessup, Your invocation to the Public that they move en Masse upon their Representatives and have thusly enough Pressure placed at the right & sufficient Number of Places where from a Law demanding Research into Dr. Albert Einstiens (sic) Unified Field Theory May be enacted (1925-27) is Not at all Necessary. It May Intrest (sic) you to know that The Good Doctor Was Not so Much influenced in his retracton (sic) of that Work, by Mathematics, as he most assuredly was by Humantics. (sic) His Later computations, done strictly for his own edification & amusement, upon cycles of Human Civilization & Progress compared to the Growth of Mans General over-all Character Was enough to Horrify Him. Thus, We are "told" today that that Theory was "Incomplete". Dr. B. Russell asserts privately that It is complete. He also says that Man is Not Ready for it & Shan't be until after W. W. III. Nevertheless, "Results" of My friend Dr. Franklin Reno, Were used. These Were a complete Recheck of That Theory, With a View to any & Every Possible quick use of it, if feasable (sic) in a Very short time. There Were good Results, as far as a Group Math Re-Cheek AND as far as a good Physical "Result," to Boot. YET THE NAVT FEARS TO USE THIS RESULT. The Result was & stands today as Proof that The Unified Field Theory to a certain extent is correct. Beyond that certain extent No Person in his right senses, or having any senses at all, Will evermore dare to go. I am sorry that I Mislead You in My Previous Missive. True, enough, such a form of Levitation has been accomplished as described. It is also a Very commonly observed reaction of certain Metals to Certain Fields surrounding a current, This field being used for that purpose. Had Farraday concerned himself about the Mag. Field surrounding an Electric Current, We today Would NOT Exist or if We did exist, our present Geo-political situation would have the very time-bomish, ticking off towards Destruction, atmosphere that Now exists. Alright, Alright! The "result" was complete invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all of its crew While at Sea. (Oct. 1943) The Field Was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending one Hundred yards (More or Less, due to Lunar position & Latitude) out from each beam of the ship. Any Person Within that sphere became vague in form BUT He too observed those Persons aboard that ship as though they too were of the same state, yet were walking upon nothing. Any person without that sphere could see Nothing save the clearly Defined shape of the Ships Hull in the Water, PROVIDING of course, that that person was just close enough to see yet, just barely outside of the field. Why tell you Now? Very Simple; If You choose to go Mad, then you would reveal this information. Half of the officiers & the crew of that Ship are at Present, Mad as Hatters. A few, are even Yet, confined to certain areas where they May receive trained Scientific aid when they, either, "Go Blank" or Go Blank" & "Get Stuck". Going-Bland IE an after effect of the Man having been within the field too Much, IS Not at all an unplesant experience too Healthily Curious Sailors. However it is when also, they "Get Stuck" that they call it "HELL" INCORPORATED" The Man thusly stricken can Not Move of his won volition unless tow or More of those who are within the field go & touch him, quickly, else he "Freezes". If a Man Freezes, His position Must be Marked out carefully and then the Field in cut-off. Everyone but that "Frozen" Man is able to Move; to appreciate apparent Solidity again. Then, the Newest Member of the crew Must approach the Spot, where he will find the "Frozen" Mans face or Bare skin, that is Not covered by usual uniform Clothing. Sometimes, it takes only an hour or so Sometimes all Night & all Day Long & Worse It once took 6 months, to get The Man "Unfrozen". This "Deep Freeze" was not 16 psychological. It is the Result of a Hyper-Field that is set up, within the field of the Body, While the "Scorch" Field is turned on & this at Length or upon a Old Hand. A Highly complicated Place of Equipment Had to be constructed in order to Unfreeze those who became "True Froze", of "Deep Freeze" subjects. Usually a "Deep Freeze" Man goes Mad, Stark Raving,, Gibbering, Running MAD, if his 'freeze' is far More than a Day in our time. I speak of TIME for DEEP "Frozen Men" are Not aware of Time as We know it. They are Like Semi-comatoese (sic) person, who Live, breathe, Look & feel but still are unaware of So Utterly Many things as to constitute a "Nether World" to them. A Man in an ordinary common Freeze is aware of Time, Sometimes acutely so. Yet They are Never aware of Time precisely as you or I are aware of it. The First "Deep Freeze" As I said took 6 months to Rectify. It also took over 5 Million Dollars worth of Electronic 2 equipment & a Special Ship Berth. If around or Near the Philadelphia Navy and you see a group of Sailors in the act of Putting their Hands Upon a fellow or upon "thin air," observe the Digits & appendages of the Stricken Man. If they seem to Waver, as tho within a Heat-Mirage, go quickly & Put YOUR Hands upon Him, For that Man is the Very Most Desparate of Men in The World. Not one of those Men ever want at all to become again invisible. I do Not think that Much More Need be said as to Why Man is Not Ready for Force-Field Work. Eh? You will Hear phrases from these Men such as "Caught in the Flow (or the Push) or "Stuck in the Green" or Stuck in Molasses" or "I was "going" FAST", These refer to Some of the Decade-Later after effects of Force-Field "ork. "Caught in the Flow" describes exactly the "Stuck in Molasses" sensation of a Man going into a Deep Freeze" or Plain Freeze" either of the two. "Caught in the Push" can either refer to That Which a Man feels Briefly WHEN he is either about to inadvertently "Go-Blank" IE Become Invisible" or about to "Get Stuck" in a "Deep Freeze" or "Plain Freeze." There are only a very few of the original Experimental D-E's Crew Left by Now, Sir, Most went insane, one just walked "throo" His quarters Wall in sight of His Wife & Child & 2 other crew Members (WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN), two "Went into "The Flame, "I.E. They "Froze" & caught fire, while carrying common Small-Boat Compasses, one Man carried the Compass & Caught fire, the other came for the "Laying on of Hands" as he was nearest but he too, took fire. THEY BURNED FOR 18 DAYS. The faith in "Hand Laying" Died When this Happened & Mens Minds Went by the scores. The expierement (sic) Was a Complete Success. The Men Were Complete Failures. Check Philadelphia Papers for a tine one Paragraph (upper Half of sheet, inside the paper Near the rear 3rd of Paper, 1944-46 in Spring or Fall or Winter, NOT Summer.) of an Item describing the Sailors Actions after their initial Voyage. They Raided a Local to the Navy Yard "Gin Mill" or "Beer Joint" & caused such Shock & Paralysis of the Waitresses that Little comprehensible could be gotten from them, save that Paragraph & the Writer of it, Does Not Believe it, & Says "I only wrote what I heard & them Dames is Daffy. So, all I get is a "Hide-it" Bedtime Story." Check observer ships crew, Matson Lines Liberty ship out of Norfolk, (Company MAY Have Ships Log for that Voyage or Coast Guard have it) The S.S. Andrew Furnseth, Chief Mate Mowsely, (Will secure Captains Name Later) (Ships Log Has Crew List on it.) one crew Member Richard Price or "Splicey" Price May Remember other Names of Dec Crew Men, (Coast Guard has record of Sailors issued "Papers") Mr. Price Was 18 or 19 then, Oct. 1943, and Lives or Lived at that time in His old Family Home in Roanoke, VA a small town with a Small Phone book. These Men Were Witnesses, The Men of this crew, "Connelly of New England, (Boston?), May have witnessed but I doubt it. (Spelling May be incorrect) DID Witness this. I ask you to Do this bit of Research simply that you May Choke on you own Tongue when you Remember what you have "appealed be Made Law" Very Disrespectfully Yours, Carl M. Allen P.S. Will Help More if you see Where I can. (Z416175) 2 Could be "Free Freeze" 17 Days Later Notes in addition to and pertaining to Missive. (Contact Rear Admiral Ransom Bennett for verification of info Herein. Navy Chief of research. He may offer you a job, ultimately) Coldly & analytically speaking, without the Howling that is in the Letter to you accompanying this, I will say the following in all Fairness to you & to Science. (1) The Navy did Not know that the men could become invisible WHILE NOT UPON THE SHIP & UNDER THE FIELDS INFLUENCE. (2) The Navy Did Not know that there would be Men Die from odd effects of HYPER "Field" within or upon "Field." (3) Further, They even yet do Not know Why this happened & are not even sure that the "F" within "F" is the reason, for sure at all. In Short the Atomic bomb didn't kill the expierimentors (sic) thus the expieriments (sic) went on-but eventually one or two were accidentally killed BUT the cause was known as to Why they died. Myself, I "feel" that something pertaining to that Small-boat compass "triggered" off The Flames." I have no proof, but Neither Does the Navy. (4) WORSE & Not Mentioned When one or two of their Men, Visible-within-the-field-to-all-the-others, Just Walked into Nothingness, AND Nothing Could be felt, of them, either when the "field Was turned on OR off, THEY WERE JUST GONE! Then, More Fears Were Amassed. (5) Worse, Yet, When an apparently Visible & New-Man Just walks seemingly "throo" the Wall of his House, the surrounding area Searched by all Men & thoroughly scrutinized by & with & Under an Installed Portable Field developer AND NOTHING EVER found of him. So Many Many Fears were by then in effect that the Sum total of them all could Not ever again be faced by ANY of those Men or by the Men Working at & Upon The Experiments. I wish to Mention that Somehow, also, the Experimental Ship Disappeared from its Philadelphia Dock and only a Very few Minutes Later appeared at its other Dock in the Norfolk, Newport New Portsmouth area. This was distinctly AND clearly identified as being that place BUT the ship them, again, disappeared And Went Back to its Philadelphia Dock in only a Very few Minutes or Less. This was also Noted in the Newspapers But I Forget what paper I read it in or When It happened. Probably Late in the experiments, May have been in 1956 after Experiments were discontinued, I can Not Say for Sure. To the Navy this Whole thing was So Impractical due to its Morale Blasting effects Which were so much so that efficient operation of the Ship was Drastically Hindered and then after this occurrence It was shown that even the Mere operation of a ship could Not be counted upon at all. In short, Ignorance of this thing bred Such Terrors of it that, on the Level of attempted operations, with what knowledge was then available It was deemed as impossible, Impracticable and Too Horrible. I believe that Had YOU then been Working upon & With the team that was Working upon this project With yourself knowing what You NOW know, that "The Flames" Would Not have been so unexpected, or Such a Terrifying Mystery. Also, More than Likely, I must say in All fairness, None of these other occurrences could have happened without some knowledge of their possibility of occurring. In fact, They May have been prevented by a far more Cautious Program AND by a Much More Cautiously careful Selection of Personnel for Ships officers & Crew. Such Was Not the case. The Navy used Whatever Human Material was at hand, Without Much, if any, thought as to character & Personality of that Material. If care, Great Care is taken in selection of Ship, and officers and crew AND If Careful Indoctrination is taken along with Careful watch over articles of apparel Such as rings & Watches & Identification bracelets & Belt buckles, Plus AND ESPECIALLY the effect of Hob-Nailed shoes or Cleated-shoes U.S. Navy issue shoes, I feel that some progress towards dissipating the fearfilled ignorance surrounding this project Will be Most surely and certainly accomplished. The Records of the U.S. Maritime Service HOUSE Norfolk Va., (for Graduated Seamen of their Schools) Will reveal Who was assigned to S S. Andrew Furuseth for Month of either Late Sept. or October of 1943. I remember positively of one other observer who stood beside Me When tests were going on. He was from New England, Brown-Blond Curly Hair, blue eyes, Don't remember Name. I Leave it up to you to Decide if further Work shall be put into this or Not, and Write this in Hopes there Will be. Very Sincerely, Carl M. Allen 18 The second letter received by Mr. Jessup from Carlos Allende: Carl M. Allen RFD #1 Box 223 New Kensington, Pa Dear Mr. Jessup: Having just recently gotten home from my long travels around the country I find that you had dropped me a card. You ask that I write you "at once" and So after taking everything into consideration, I have decided to do so. You ask me for what is tantamount to positive proof of something that only the duplication of those devices that produce "this phenomenon" could ever give you. At least, were I of scientific bent, I presume that, were I of Such a Curiosity about something, the which has been produced from a theory that was discarded (1927) as incomplete, I am sure that I would be of such a dubiousness towards that I would Have to be shown these devices that Produced such a curious interaction of Forces & Fields, in operation & their product Mr. Jessup, I could NEVER possibly satisfy such an attitude. The reason being that I could not, Nor ever would the Navy Research Dept. (Then under the present oss of the Navy, Burke) ever let it be known that any such thing was ever allowed to be done. For you see, It was because of Burkes Curiosity & willingness & prompting that this experiment was enabled to be carried out. It proved a White-elephant but His attitude towards advance & ultra-advanced types of research is just "THE" THING that put him where he is today. (Or at least, to be sure, It carries a great weight). Were the stench of such an Experiments results EVER to come out, He would be crucified. However, I have noticed, that throo the ages, those who have had this happen to them, once the vulgar passions that caused the reaction have cooled-off AND further research OPENLY carried on, that these crucified ones achieve something akin to Saint hood. You say that this, "is of the greatest importance". I disagree with you Mr. Jessup, not just whole Heartedly, but vehemently. However at the same time, your ideas & your own sort of curiosity is that of mine own sort and besides my disagreement is based upon philosophical Morality and not upon that curiosity which Drives Science so rapidly. I can be of some positive help to you in myself but to do so would require a Hypnotist, Sodium Pentathol, a tape recorder & an excellent typist-secretary in order to produce material of Real value to you. As you know one who is hypnotized cannot Lie and one who is both hypnotized AND given "Truth serum" as it is colloqually (sic) known, COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIE, AT ALL. To boot, My Memory would be THUS enabled to remember things in such great detail, things that my present consciousness cannot recall at all, or only barely and uncertainly that it would be of far greater benefit to use hypnosis. I could thus be enabled to not only Recall COMPLETE names, but also addresses & telephone numbers AND perhaps the very important Z Numbers of those sailors whom I sailed with then or even came into contact with. I could too, being something of a Dialectician, be able to thusly talk exactly as these witnesses talked and imitate or illustrate their mannerisms & Habits of thought, thus your psychologists can figure IN ADVANCE the Surefire method of dealing Most Successfully with these. I could NOT do this with someone with whom I had not observed at length & these men, I lived with for about 6 months, so you are bound to get good to excellent results. The mind does NOT ever forget, Not really, As you know. Upon this I suggest this way of doing this with Myself but further, the Latter usage of Myself in Mannerism & Thought pattern illustration is suggested in order that the Goal of inducing these Men to place themselves at & under you disposal (HYPNOTICALLY OR UNDER TRUTH-SERUM), is a Goal, the Which could Have FAR greater impact, due to co-relation of Experiences remembered Hypnotically by Men who have NOT seen or even written to each other, at all, for Nearly or over TEN years. In this, With such Men as Witnesses, giving irrefutable testimony It is my belief that were, Not the Navy, but the Airforce, confronted with such evidence, (IE Chief of Research) there would be either an uproar or a quiet and determined effort to achieve SAFELY "that which" the Navy failed at. They did NOT fail to, I hope you realize, achieve Metallic & organic invisibility nor did they fail to, unbesoughtedly, (sic) achieve transportation of thousands of tons of Metal & Humans at an eyes blink speed. Even though this latter effect of prolonged experimentation was (to them) THE thing that caused them to consider the experiment as a failure, I 19 BELIEVE THAT FURTHER EXPERIMENTS WOULD NATURALLY HAVE PRODUCED CONTROLLED TRANSPORT OF GREAT TONNAGES AT ULTRA-FAST SPEEDS TO A DESIRED POINT THE INSTANT IT IS DESIRED throo usage of an area covered by: (I) those cargoes and (2) that " Field" that could cause those goods, Ships or Ship parts (MEN WERE TRANSPORTED AS WELL) to go to another Point. Accidentally & to the embarrassed perplexity of the Navy THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED TO A WHOLE SHIP, CREW & ALL. I read of this AND of THE OFF-BASE AWOL ACTIVITIES OF the crewMen who were at the time invisible in a Philadelphia NEWSPAPER. UNDER HARCOHYPNOSIS I CAN BE ENABLED TO DIVULGE THE NAME, DATE & SECTION & PAGE NUMBER of that Paper & the other one. Thus this papers "Morgue" Will Divulge EVEN MORE POSITIVE PROOF ALREADY PUBLISHED of this experiment. The Name of the REPORTER who skeptically covered & Wrote of these incidents (OF THE RESTAURANT-BARROOM RAID WHILE INVISIBLE & OF THE SHIPS SUDDEN AWOL) AND WHO INTERVIEWED the Waitresses CAN THUS BE FOUND, thus HIS and the Waitresses testimony can be added to the Records. Once on this track, I believe That you can uncover CONSIDERABLY MORE evidence to sustain this, ------- (what Would you call it --SCANDAL or DISCOVERY?) You would Need a Dale Carneigie to Maneuver these folks into doing just as you wish. It would be cheaper than paying everyone of all these witnesses & Much more Ethical. The Idea Is, to the Layman type of person, utterly ridiculous. However, can you remember, all by yourself, the Date of a Newspaper in which you saw an interesting item more than 5 years ago? Or recall names of Men, their phone #'s that you saw in 1943-44. I do hope you will consider this plan. You will Progress as Not possible in any other way. Of course, I realize that you would need a Man Who can cause people to want to have fun, to play with Hypnotism, one that can thusly dupe those he-you need to: #1 come to His Demonstrations & thus call on them to be either or both "Honored" as Helping with the show" & for doing Him a Great favor, &/or being part of the act for the mite of a small fee He would HAVE to be a Man of such an adroit ingenuity at Manufacturing a plausible story on the-instant-he-sizes-up-his-"personality-to be dealt-with THAT had cost PLENTY. The ability to convince people of an outright Lie as being the absolute truth would be one of his prime prerequisites. (Ahem.) Yes, some such skulduggery (sic) would have to be thought well out & done. THE ULTIMATE END WILL BE A TRUTH TOO HUGE, AND TOO FANTASTIC, TO NOT BE TOLD. A WELL-FOUNDED TRUTH BACKED UP BY UNOBFUSCATIVE PROOF POSITIVE. I would like to find where it is that these Sailors live NOW. It is known that some few people can somehow tell you a mans name & his Home address UNDER HYPNOSIS EVEN THOUGH NEVER HAVING EVER MENT OR SEEN THE PERSON. These folks have a very high or Just a High PSI factor in their make-up that can be intensified under stress or strain OR that usually is intensified under extreme fright. It also can be RE-intensified by Hypnosis, thus is like reading from the Encyclopedia Britannica. Even though that Barroom-Restaurant Raid was staged by invisible or partly invisible men, those men CAN SEE EACH OTHER THUS NAMES, In the excitement, were sure to have been Mentioned, whether last or first Names or Nicknames. A check of the Naval Yards Dispensaries or Hospital or aid stations or prison RECORDS of that particular day that the Barroom-Restaurant occurred May revela (sic) the EXACT NAMES OF PRECISELY WHO WERE THE MEN, THEIR SERVICE SERIAL NUMBERS & THUS THE INFORMATION ON WHERE THEY ARE FROM BE SECURED & by adroit "Maneuvuerings" (sic) of those still at Home, THE NAME OF THE PLACE where they are at present can be secured. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACTUALLY SPEAK TO (or some of THE MEN) A MAN WHO WAS ONCE AN INVISIBLE HAMAN BEING? (MAY BECOME SO IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES IF HE TURNS-OFF HIS HIP-SET). Well, all this fantastically preposterous sort of rubbish will be necessary, Just to do that, the Hypnotist-psychologist & all that. Maybe I suggest something too thorught (sic) & too Methodical for your taste but then I, as first subject, Don't care to be Hypnotized at all, But too, feel that certain pull of curiosity about this thing that, to me, is irresistible. I want to crack this thing wide open. My reasons are simply to enable more work to be done upon this "Field Theory". I am a star-gazer Mr. Jessup. I make no bones about this and the fact that I feel that IF HANDLED PROPERLY, I.E. PRESENTED TO PEOPLE & SCIENCE IN THE PROPER PSYCOLOGICALLY EFFECTIVE MANNER. I FEEL sure THAT Man will go where He now dreams of being---to the stars via the form of transport that the Navy accidentally stumbled upon (to their embarrassment) when their EXP. SHIP took off & popped-up a minute or so later on several Hundred sea 20

Author M. K. Jessup Isbn 9781479151431 File size 0.8MB Year 1957 Pages 166 Language English File format PDF Category Astronomy Book Description: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrDiggMySpaceShare The INFAMOUS Annotated Version of The Case for UFOs by Morris Jessup. In 1957, Morris Jessup was approached by two mysterious Naval officers who informed Jessup that a man, who called himself Carlos Allende, had extensively annotated Jessup’s seminal book “The Case for the UFO” with a bizarre commentary involving time travel, electromagnetic forces, even the teleportation of a battleship. The story, already a little strange, was made even more peculiar when he discovered that the Office of Naval Research took things much mucher further, even going the trouble of re-printing this annotated version for limited distribution within the Office of Naval Research. They even used multi-colored inks to simulate the pens used in the handwritten notes. This book — printed by the Varo Manufacturing Company of Garland, Texas — is now known as the infamous Varo Edition.     Download (0.8MB) Ufo Sightings Of 2006-2009 Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs States Of Denial: The Tuskar Rock Incident And Other Mysteries Alien Base: The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Colonization Of Earth The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry Load more posts

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