Painting With A Fresh Eye by Alfred C. Chadbourn

14564442ef13313.jpg Author Alfred C. Chadbourn
Isbn 978-0823038886
File size 23.9 MB
Year 1987
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category design


U.S.A. PAINTING WITH A FRESH EYE The clutter on your kitchen familiar street scene, near a window table, some old — these a bottles are the kinds of become the paintings. What is ordinary sights that can subjects of exciting important is discovering new ways of looking at the world around you and interpreting what you see with a fresh That is the central lesson Chadbourn teaches in this book. He encourages you to take risks with your painting, and that is truly the only eye. way to grow as an Working with a artist. variety of subjects, including cityscapes, beach scenes, and still lifes, Chadbourn discusses how he solves particular painting problems and suggests ways for you to develop your own creative instincts. Specific chapters focus on color and paint handling, taking liberties in interpreting nature, capturing different qualities of light, compositional challenges, and flattening the picture plane for a more coherent design. To clarify his ideas, Chadbourn includes reference photo- graphs, compositional sketches, and swatches of his paint mixtures. He also presents a step-by-step demonstration, revealing the decision-making process he uses for every stage of the painting. Painting with a Fresh Eye is an unusual instructional book, which teaches through the sensitive, often humorous advice of an experienced artist. This delightful and informative account of one artist's approach will change your own perceptions and open your eyes to new ways of painting. (21x28 cm). 115 color plates. 30 black-and-white il144 pages. 8'/4Xll lustrations. Bibliography. Index. WATSON-GUPTILL PUBLICATIONS f r c s i: L i] e b c P V ii si s< ai y cl d n li Q C( C g ] s\ P' re ht in th ac de or ov ne 14 cc lu W PAINTING WITH A FRESH EYE WESTPOINT, MAINE 30' x 30' (76 X 16 cm), collection of Mr. Richard Wright B »'GHTOn MUSS? * *': WINTER FARM, MAINE 12' x 18" (30 X 46 cm), V collection of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Miller Ai^e.ekcdLowut PAINTING - WITH A FRESH EYE WATSON-GUPTILL PUBLICATIONS/ NEW YORK This one is for Mary and Jessica want to pay a special tribute to Donald Sigovich and the people at Gamma One Conversions for producing I the incredible transparencies that I would made this book Bonnie Silverstein the book I was looking possible. also like to thank giving for finally © Copyright me for. 1987 Alfred C. Chadbourn First published in 1987 in New York by Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Billboard Publications, Inc., 1515 Broadway, New York, N.Y 10036 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Chadbourn, Alfred. Painting with a fresh eye. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Painting —Technique. ND1500.C46 1987 I. Title. 751.45 87-13302 ISBN 0-8230-3888-2 Distributed in the United House, Ebbe's All rights or used St., reserved. in Kingdom by Phaidon Press Ltd., Littlegate Oxford No part of this publication may be reproduced —graphic, any form or by any means electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage retrieval systems Manufactured First printing, in —without written permission of the publisher. Japan 1987 123456789 10/92 91 90 89 88 87 and Chip Chadbourn helped me become a painter (my background had been in illustration). He introduced life just as me Bonnard, Vuillard, and Matisse. This, and working with Chip, opened up a new world for me. We still paint together when possible so I'm familiar with many of the pictures and ideas in this book. I trust reading it will enrich your painting it to has mine. Charles Reid CONTENTS INTRODUCTION COLOR AND PAINT HANDLING Mmma and AppLpna, Golan My &G&4C 7eclt*ucjf

Author Alfred C. Chadbourn Isbn 978-0823038886 File size 23.9 MB Year 1987 Pages 144 Language English File format PDF Category Design Book Description: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrDiggMySpaceShare I have always found this book highly inspirational. I love big, juicy color, and Chadbourn’s paintings leap off the page at you. (The medium is oil.) The most amazing ones are jumbles of intense color that your eye somehow pulls together into a recognizable subject, for instance, cows. It’s just a broad band of black and white, but you know it’s a herd of cows. Brilliant. This is not just a book full of inspiring paintings, though. Chadbourne has spent time analyzing the mystery of how he makes a painting work, and generously describes it for you here in a way that you can use in a nuts-and-bolts way when you’re having trouble with a painting (or even just getting started). This book is well worth having in your library, and I will never let go of my own copy until they pry it out of my . . . well, you know what I mean.     Download (23.9 MB) Inside Acrylics: Studio Secrets From Today’s Top Artists Portfolio: Beginning Watercolor 100 Things Every Artist Should Know: Tips, Tricks & Essential Concepts Acrylicworks – The Best Of Acrylic Painting: Ideas And Techniques For Today’s Artists Celebrate Your Creative Self: More than 25 exercises to unleash the artist within Load more posts

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