Drop the Panties: The Greyskull Guide to a Better Body by John Sheaffer

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This book is dedicated to the lovely Ginger Pain whose ass is prominently featured on the cover of this book. 2 ©2013 Villain Publishing Table of Contents Introduction 4 Part One: The Mental Component (80%) 9 The Blueprint to Beast Success Formula 10 The Three Components of the Blueprint to Beast Success Formula 17 Standard 18 Belief 27 Habits 42 Putting it all Together 52 Part Two: The Mechanics (20%) 54 Diet 55 Training 63 Conclusion 64 3 ©2013 Villain Publishing Introduction This book was written with a very specific objective in mind. Since I released my book “SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles”, readers have been asking me to compile a similar work outlining my thoughts on, and the methods that I use for another common physique outcome desired by those that train: fat loss, and body recomposition in general. When I began writing this book, it was intended to be primarily a work on diet, specifically those principles that I use with clients to drop the fat and show off their hardearned muscle. What happened during the creation of this work however was an evolution into a book outlining the big picture methods that I use to achieve the type of results that I have become known for over the last several years. I’ve often been quoted as saying that eighty percent of success in body recomposition (or any are for that matter) was directly attributed to the mental components of the picture. This involves the clarity of your desired outcome, the beliefs that you possess regarding the subject, and the repetitive actions, or habits that you have with regards to the mechanical portion of your quest. This “eighty percent” idea metamorphasized into the material that makes up my “Blueprint to Beast” principles. I’ve written about the importance of this component many times in past articles and interviews, but I have yet to release a book product that outlines these ideas in print. Prior to the release of this book, the only way to receive this information from me was to work with me one on one via coaching or consulting, or attending one of the few, exclusive “Blueprint to Beast” seminar events that I’ve had so far. Part one of this book examines the “Blueprint to Beast Success Formula” that serves as the foundation of my consulting and coaching, applied to the task of building a lean, hard, attractive physique. These same principles I have used for some time now with tremendous success with clients with radically diverse desired outcomes. The majority of my coaching and consulting over the last two years has been in the general success and life coaching side of things. What began as a method of helping clients achieve more success than they ever were previously able to attain in their efforts in the gym evolved into a practice of helping people from all walks of life dramatically improve their overall life situation. I’ve worked with addicts, suicidal individuals, people under great stress caused by financial difficulties, toxic relationships, or simple lack of purpose. Throughout this time, I’ve continued to work with those who were concerned with the much simpler task of changing their body. Think about it, when you are working to get people to kick a heroin habit successfully, getting someone’s ass in gear to make massive physique changes is relatively easy in comparison. 4 ©2013 Villain Publishing Part one of this book allows you to learn the tools that I use to affect these changes in the mental makeup of the individual. This is, in my opinion, the most valuable book that has ever been offered in terms of body transformation or recomposition due to this section alone. This material has never been addressed in this context anywhere else. The least expensive investment necessary to get a look at this material previously was a phone consultation, which at the time of this writing goes for $175 per hour. In part two we will look at the mechanical components of a successful transformation. This section is much less intensive than the first, as any of my clients will tell you, the mechanics simply aren’t nearly as important as the mental makeup. There is certainly more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to changing your body. I’ve obviously written at great length about the physical methods that I’ve used over the years in my coaching of clients. That information is there for the taking in various titles that I’ve released over the last several years. The focus here in the mechanical section is going to be my go-to diet methods that I use with clients who are primarily looking for a leaner, more attractive physique regardless of where they are at in their development. If you want mass gain nutrition, pick up SWOLE. If you want specifics on programming, pick up “The Greyskull LP: Second Edition” or any of my “Twelve Weeks at Greyskull” series. As I said, this title will primarily serve as a window into the much more important mental side of the game. “Who is this book for?” This book will benefit anyone who is in the market for a leaner, more attractive body. That represents a significant majority of those who enter a gym, set up shop in their basement or garage, or make any other efforts to begin construction on a hot, panty dropping body that sets them apart aesthetically from the herd. I will briefly take a look at a few of the most common situations that I have dealt with during my last few years as a private consultant to those who sought to acquire a sleeker, more high-performing fornication suit. If you’re reading this book that probably means that you will be able to identify with at least one of the situations presented. Chances are, like me, you were not genetically blessed with regards to being naturally lean and muscular (though I do not doubt that you may have been blessed in other departments. I for instance am left only to assume that after crafting my genitalia, the higher power that created me simply thought it unfair to the rest of the world to send me out with Adonis physique genes. I imagine him saying “I’ll give you this kid, now show me what you can 5 ©2013 Villain Publishing do with it” before pushing me out my mothers dilated vagina like Santa pushing Ralphie down the slide in “A Christmas Story”). If you had been blessed with those types of genes, you probably never would have gotten into training in the first place. Or if you did, you certainly wouldn’t be scouring the Internet for advice and materials on topics such as fat loss or lean mass gain, and we never would have met. Think about that for a minute, this relationship could have never happened! Terrifying, isn’t it? Here are a few of the more common situations with which I’ve dealt Person A This guy has been lifting weights on and off for the last decade, starting as a teenager in his garage. He’s read everything he could get his hands on that pertained to strength training and nutrition, and has made some good gains over the years. Despite his continual efforts however, he has been unable to ever truly develop the body that he wanted. It seems as though many with far less knowledge on the subject have passed him up over the years in terms of their physique development. This frustrates him, and he is ready to make one more significant investment in his quest for the “holy grail”, the missing piece of the puzzle that he undoubtedly has been overlooking all of this time. Person B This guy had little background in training prior to joining a CrossFit gym a little over a year ago. He liked the atmosphere and the initial changes to his body, but soon realized that he wasn’t building the muscle that he wanted to have on his frame after catching WWE Raw one night. This prompted him to adopt a new program that entailed a rigid schedule of heavy lifting coupled with a mass calorie diet and a gallon of milk per day. He was happy with the strength and size that he built, but very much unhappy with the fact that he now looks like a fat shit with his shirt off. There’s got to be some way to have it all. Person C This guy played high school and college sports and did well. He was in great shape, though suffered a few injuries over the years. Since graduating, he has worked in a job where he was much more sedentary, gotten married, and built up a good degree of fat on his once lean body. He’s picked up my book “The Greyskull LP” and is plugging away at the program in his garage gym. He feels athletic again and is seeing some nice physique improvements, but feels that he could certainly benefit from some more direction if he is to become the Adonis that he wants to be. 6 ©2013 Villain Publishing Person D D is an older man who is recently divorced after years spent in a troubled marriage. He is under a tremendous amount of stress as a result of the divorce and all that it entailed, as well as the demands of his profession. It’s been years since he did anything positive for himself when it comes to his body, and it shows in the mirror. He needs a push to hit the gym and transform himself into a more attractive and confident individual. He has vowed to never become the victim of a toxic relationship again, and is intent on attracting a beautiful woman who he can share his life with in a rewarding and loving manner. He knows that he needs to change his shell, and evolve into the man he wishes he sees in the mirror, inside and out. It’s time to get to work. Person E Here we have a beast of a man who devotes a good amount of his energy to training, eating right, and looking top notch. He does well with the ladies, and is content in his professional pursuits. He owns all of my books, and follows the diet and training principles inside to a “T”. His friends look up to him, and seek him out for advice with regards to training and diet. He feels that despite his efforts, and the rewards that he has reaped as a result, he has never been one hundred percent happy with his body. He doesn’t have the visible abs that he wants, and doesn’t look quite as good as some of the other guys at his gym who he knows do not train as hard or as intelligently as he does, and who he is certain do not follow as structured of a diet. For a while he has written this off to genetics, but after reading some of the comments from my consultation clients, has decided to see if he can’t take things to the next level. Person F This man is a personal trainer who makes his living in the fitness industry. He gets good results for his clients, generally speaking, and has been hustling in the “game” for several years. He feels that he would be more successful as a trainer if his own body were a bit harder and more defined. He wants to do black and white, professional photos of himself for promotional purposes on his website and facebook, but lacks the confidence that his physique is truly impressive enough to attract the business that he wants. He’s seen trainers with better bodies than his who were nota s good at their job steal clients from him for years now, and it bothers him greatly. Additionally he feels that if he can learn these principles for his own application, that he will be able to pass the information along to his clients in turn, producing better results for them, and building his reputation and business in the process. 7 ©2013 Villain Publishing These examples represent a small cross-section of the cases that I’ve dealt with where these principles have been applies for the purposes of transforming the client’s body for the better. Chances are that you may be able to relate to one or more of these cases. If that is the case, or even if your situation is dramatically different from those listed above, the principles presented in this book, particularly part one, will definitely be of tremendous value to you. It’s time to start manifesting the type of success that you’ve always wanted from the effort that you put in. My mission with this book is to present you with the tools needed to perform a mental makeover, the kind necessary to guarantee your happiness and success first and foremost. From there I offer my input on some of my favorite dietary tools for you to use in conjunction with the all important mental components to build a jaw dropping body that leaves a trail of yellow “wet floor” side in its wake. It’s time to drop the panties. 8 ©2013 Villain Publishing Part One The Mental Component (80%) 9 ©2013 Villain Publishing The Blueprint to Beast Success Formula This is the first look at the principles of my “Blueprint to Beast” material that I have synthesized and created in order to help my clients attain the success that they deserve and desire. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this method, and look at how to apply the information to transforming your body, I want to provide you with a bit of background on how these principles came to be. When I was roughly fifteen years old I became obsessed with the study of personal development. This was a direct result (as I have shared before in article form) in my fixation on a particular girl who walked into my life at the time, and became the object of my pursuits and desire. This was the time where I launched headfirst into training my body, transforming it from the sloppy mess that it had become as a result of me shit-canning the sports that I had played all of my life and adopting quite the “fuck it” attitude shared by many at this awkward stage in development. I nixed the junk foods and sedentary lifestyle in a comical sort of progression. My first major shift being to drop the two liters plus of Dr. Pepper that I was drinking each day, replacing it with Sprite which I thought was much healthier for me due to its clear color and lighter taste (I had a lot to learn). Meals of pizza and fried foods were replaced by turkey hot dogs (another obvious health food staple), and low calorie versions of anything I could find in the store. My work days at the hardware store changed from sitting at the back counter listening to the radio, reading gun magazines, and waiting for the occasional customer to enter who needed assistance, to three, sometimes four hour long sessions of cardiovascular exercise, walking as briskly through the back aisles as I could in a non stop manner, prompting customers who inquired about my sweaty appearance to be fed lies about me having “just finished unloading a truck in the back” something that they probably saw right through considering you could see “the back” from the parking lot, and that there was no eighteen wheeler posted up there at 5pm when they were having their keys made or buying their peat moss. This evolved over a few months into me doing frequent sets of push-ups in the back room, a practice that I became nearer and dearer to once I joined the Army, and that I continue to recommend to this day. In addition to the push-ups, I would knock out sets of jumping jacks and other calisthenics at virtually any moment that I found myself alone with no one around. I took the constant movement idea to the extreme (as I have a tendency to do) shaking my hands and feet as I laid in bed waiting to fall asleep, sometimes even foregoing sleep to squeeze in a few more workouts on my Total Gym that I had bought with my own money 10 ©2013 Villain Publishing (of course being as quiet as possible so as not to wake up my parents who were asleep downstairs). During this time I educated myself on nutrition, sitting in the aisles at Borders for hours on end, reading everything I could get my hands on. Soon enough, after enough trial and error, I came across good information on bodybuilding nutrition from the right sources and soon scrapped my turkey dogs in favor of grilled chicken, rice, salads, and protein shakes. My physical efforts resulted in pretty astounding changes to my body. I went from a flabby 215 lbs down to a Bruce Lee-esque 135 lbs on my then five foot eight inch frame in just short of four months. That’s an eighty-pound loss in less than one hundred and twenty days. Despite my efforts however, I was unhappy overall with my body still. I wanted muscle. I wanted evidence that I was training so much. I didn’t want to be skinny. This led me to allow a new friend into my life. A kid I’d known for years that was into bodybuilding pretty heavy at the time. He took me to a proper gym for the first time in my life, and I immediately knew that I was where I was meant to be. My studies evolved to reading and devouring every text I could find on the subject of bodybuilding, and within two months my friend who competed and introduced me to the sport was calling me up with questions about the subject. I began taking others under my wing, loving the work involved in teaching them to lift weights, instructing them about diet, and writing programs for them. I gained about twenty pounds, certainly not yet cutting an imposing figure when in sweats, but improving my physique nonetheless. I became the most neurotic dieter I have ever been exposed to, packing my food for lunch, facing sure ridicule at the lunch table from my friends. I didn’t care. I had a mission; I was going to be a God. While learning about, and building my body, I was also reading anything I could about communication, influence, and developing the confidence needed for success. I had it in my head that winning this particular girl (despite the fact that I was now being pursued by many others) would require me to become a Superman. I had to be unlike anyone else, better in every imaginable manner. My one hundred-seventy IQ allowed me to soak up information from any imaginable media. I devoured books written by guys like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, and Dale Carnegie. This led me to the discovery of Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP), which permanently changed my way of thinking. I acquired books by the founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, a feat that was much more difficult in those days before Amazon. 11 ©2013 Villain Publishing I became obsessed with their teachings and would lecture to anyone who would listen on how to use their principles to change their life for the better. Fast-forward a few years, and at seventeen I enlisted in the Army, one of the best decisions I ever made. I needed a change in my life and that was just the thing. I moved up in rank quickly, though lost it just as quick due to a quick temper and a propensity for acting out violently. My time spent in the service, which culminated in a combat tour for which I was highly decorated, will be the subject of another book so I will not get too far into it here, but the principles and ideas that I learned in my studies of personal development prepared me greatly for the leadership roles that I would be thrust into. At nineteen I found myself a team leader in an Airborne Infantry unit, doing battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. I was leading men ten years my senior who did not once utter complaint about that fact, but rather followed my lead and respected me immensely. I left the military officially before my twenty-first birthday, having enlisted at seventeen with a waiver signed by my parents. I endeavored to make a fortune investing in real estate, the first of my many failed ventures in the civilian world. My partners were not as motivated as I was, and I quickly lost the drive to push forward only to be let down by the unwillingness to act of others. I then took up teaching combatives, another life long passion of mine. I instructed private citizens as well as some local law enforcement agencies on everything from hand to hand combat, handling prisoners, and working with various weapons, to small unit tactics and selecting appropriate firearms for their given mission. I taught rape awareness and prevention classes to women, even buying mats and a trailer and taking my show on the road. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and ended being offered a high paying job with a very established and reputable company in California. I turned the job down eventually after the inter-office politics and my forced relocation soured me to the idea. My organized crime affiliation at the time presented a problem for some of the higher-ranking members of that organization, and they soon stopped returning my calls. It didn’t matter; I vowed to surpass them in business in the years to come. It was around this time that I began building my famed backyard gym. Modeled after various prison gyms that I had seen photos of, and the famous “weight pile” at Richard Marcinko’s “Rogue manor”, the Greyskull Gladiator Academy quickly began to take shape. I named it Greyskull after my favorite childhood TV show “Masters of the Universe”. Castle Greyskull was the home to the most evil Villain in the land, Skeletor. Having always been a fan of the bad guys in media, choosing to idolize figures like John Gotti and the British Gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray over sports stars or anyone else that my friends looked up to, the name seemed a perfect fit. Soon I developed a bit of a following at Greyskull, inviting many of my friends over to train with me. Those year round outdoor sessions here in the Philadelphia area (which experiences brutal winters) make up some of my favorite memories in my history of training my body. 12 ©2013 Villain Publishing I soon sought certifications for my own education, attending the RKC certification, and the then new CrossFit certification course. It was at this time that I met a guy who ran a posh personal training and boot camp facility that offered me a full time position as a trainer. I could easily write a lengthy novel about my brief stay at that place, and the drama that ensued, but suffice to say that that was the start of my notoriously confrontational reputation in the fitness industry. After my departure from that place I moved into a garage owned by one of my first clients up the street, and proceeded to take a significant amount of their clientele away, despite having an iron clad noncompete agreement in place with my former employer. My volatile reputation kept them from pursuing legal action against me, and everyone was aware of that fact. Coaching clients and teaching classes from that house I was bringing in roughly ten thousand dollars per month in cash income. At the time I was still teaching people combatives as well, and making a dollar any other way I saw fit (this was the height of the era of my life that landed me on episode of the show “Gangland”). I shortly thereafter began to train people for CrossFit around the country at their level one certification. By this time I had been affiliated with that organization for a while, operating under the name “CrossFit Greyskull”. It didn’t take long before the politics of that organization, and the rapid decline in quality of the growing number of affiliates that I witnessed turned me off to the whole thing and caused me to abandon ship. After enough prodding by my growing Internet following, I posted an article on my blog entitled “Why I resigned my Affiliation with CrossFit”. What resulted was an overnight viral frenzy. I was hated by many and loved by more. My name was everywhere, Greyskull was on the map in a major way now, and I had all eyes on me. By this time I had befriended, learned from, and began to train alongside Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength fame. I then traveled the world once again teaching at his seminars and began hosting a nutrition Q and A on his web forum. It wasn’t long before some more politics and unfortunate events caused me to leave that organization as well. I had however, began conducting phone consultations for pay with people that I interacted with on the forum. I launched my own site “StrengthVillain.com” in one weekend when I learned I was getting the axe from Starting Strength, and hit the ground running. My consulting practice continued, though I was less restricted now in the topics that I could address because I was no longer operating under anyone else’s brand. I found myself busy with two, sometimes three calls per day, bringing in great money while also training clients at my new garage gym location. It was at this point that my followers’ urgings became consistent enough for me to begin authoring books on training. 13 ©2013 Villain Publishing I soon learned that being an author, a long time passion of mine, was where I was supposed to be. My books were highly profitable, and the feedback was tremendous. People were very happy with the results that they were getting from the information in the books, and from working with me via consultation. I was young, reasonably wealthy, and my entrepreneurial spirit had me building new, unrelated businesses all the time. Seemingly I had the world by the balls. The problem was that despite all of the positives in my life, I had lost the massive drive to succeed that I had before. I was in a relationship with a great and gorgeous girl who wanted to help me in everything I did, but that I was not a great fit with. I lusted for the excitement of previous stages of my life, and my never-ending pursuit of gorgeous women did not jibe well within the confines of a committed relationship with a girl who expected to be my one and only. Day to day life became a bit of a drag, and I was for all intents and purposes miserable. My relationship ended, and I thought that I would be more content living a more congruent life, but was still coming up short. It was at this point that I realized I had gotten away from my practice of constant personal development. It was the missing piece. I wasn’t the go-getter I had been. I got too comfortable having had gone and gotten. Things needed to change. I began re-immersing myself in the study of NLP and other personal development disciplines. I was a bit disgusted by the fact that I had lost myself so much over the last few years, and sough t to rectify the situation ASAP. This would prove to be increasingly difficult due to the tragic loss of my cousin Darlene who was like a sister to me. This crippled me for a while, and sent me deeper into a hole. I spent the first month after her death helping my Aunt and Uncle with her three kids, and spending as much time as possible with them. After a month of relative inactivity, both in my personal and professional life, during which I had continued my quest for continued and renewed enlightenment, I ventured out one evening. I won’t discuss the events of that night in too great of detail here, but the result of the evening was my meeting a truly amazing, and absolutely gorgeous girl. I knew that night that she was what I was looking for in a mate. I spent every moment that I could with her despite the fact that she lived a three-hour round trip away from me. The pieces of my life began to fall back into place, despite the fact that I was still neglecting my business in order to see her as often as possible. I quickly burned through most of the money I had accumulated over the first half of that year during which I was killing it financially. Once she moved in and things settled down a bit I decided it was time to get back to work and rebuild. 14 ©2013 Villain Publishing One of the first things I did was launch a sale on consultations on my website. I wanted to talk to anyone I could. Life made sense again, and I wanted nothing more than the intrinsic rewards of helping others feel how I was feeling. The sale triggered a huge spike in my consulting business, and I found myself once again talking to two or three different people each day five or six days per week. What was interesting here though, and where the calls differed from before, was that my own happiness and recent success turnaround was spilling over into the sessions. I discovered that by addressing more directly the client’s mental state as opposed to focusing solely on the mechanical components of training and diet, two things were happening: One, the feedback I was getting during the calls was phenomenal. Everyone was laughing and happy. I was being thanked profusely throughout the sessions. Our conversations frequently deviated from training and diet to lifestyle and life issues in general. The second noticeable difference was the overwhelming satisfaction that the clients were experiencing in the weeks after the fact. Everyone was progressing at rates that I was not accustomed to seeing outside of those that I trained hands on. I discovered that virtually no one that I worked with was suffering from a lack of knowledge when it came to getting what they wanted from their bodies. The issue wasn’t a physical one, it was a mental one. Once I realized how conversational the calls had become, and how much NLP influenced personal development information I was including in the calls, I decided it was time to create something serious once again. I began examining the common threads in the calls, and began to synthesize the material that I was using in order to come up with a formula of sorts, a “recipe for grandeur” as Bradley Cooper calls it in the movie Limitless. Within two months of continued research and development I arrived at what I now refer to as the Blueprint to Beast Success Formula, a standardized framework within which I could work with a client and create for them a new frame of mind that would serve them in whatever it was that they wanted to do. My consultations began to deviate even more as my clients began referring friends and relatives to me that were suffering in their lives in some way. This is how I began the general life coaching side of things officially (I’ve always been a purveyor of advice to those around me, and counseled others as long as I can remember). I soon became inundated with calls dealing with addiction, toxic relationships, career unhappiness or uncertainty, entrepreneurship, and the like. I loved it. I was happy as hell. I was helping people everyday to overcome major life obstacles using the information that I originally began researching in order to basically get laid all of those years ago. 15 ©2013 Villain Publishing Calls pertaining to body transformations became a breeze. As I said before, when you can reliably get people to kick heroin, getting someone to see their abs and build muscle is pretty simple in comparison. I immediately recognized the need for a book on this material, and set out to write one. That book is “Blueprint to Beast” and will be released later this year. In writing this book however, I decided to include the material, as it specifically pertains to body transformation, since I can no longer honestly, and with integrity discuss the topic without relating the importance of this massive, eighty percent of the equation, chunk of information. So here we are, and in the next few sections you will learn how to use the B2B principles to change your body and get the results that you’ve always wanted from your efforts. 16 ©2013 Villain Publishing The Three Components of the Blueprint to Beast Success Formula The Blueprint to Beast Success Formula has three major components, each as important as the next, and each of which works synergistically with the others. Without all three you have an incomplete puzzle. Some will naturally excel in one of the areas, but fall short in others. Some will be off in all three. In either case, you won’t truly get what you want until you begin making all three work for you. The three components are: Standard Belief Habits These are recurring themes in NLP, and have been used extensively by Anthony Robbins in his life-changing work with millions over his long career. I fully attribute my arrival at these ideas by the teachings of these people, and the resultant learning and growth that I experienced. Without them, there would be no Blueprint to Beast. Let’s get down to it and look at these three pieces, and then how to put them together in order to make a truly amazing finished product. Get ready to finally build the body that you have always wanted to inhabit, but that you thought impossible. 17 ©2013 Villain Publishing Standard The first component of the Blueprint to Beast success formula is the development of a clearly defined standard. This is simply, as Tony Robbins describes, “The minimum that you are willing to accept for yourself”. Linguistically, you can hear the difference between that statement and “This is what I’d like to have”. Clarity is paramount when it comes to accomplishing what you want in life. In my upcoming book “Blueprint to Beast” I will be laying out these principles in much greater detail as they pertain to success in general, but for our purposes in this book we will be looking at how to use this proven success formula with the objective of creating the physique that you truly desire. When I’m working with a client, the first thing that we do is determine their individual standard. We use the idea that the subconscious mind is largely visual as a shortcut to “install” the standard. This is accomplished by finding an image that represents their specific desired outcome(s). “Goals are Shitty” During the interview process, I determine what it is that the client wants first by allowing them to tell me what their goals are. I’ve been quoted before as saying, “Goals are shitty”, and I couldn’t be more emphatic in my belief that this is true. My statement however requires a bit of explanation. The idea of a goal is flawed in terms of getting your subconscious mind to work on your behalf. A goal is nothing more than a spoken or written wish. It is not even a statement of intent. You say to me, “I’d like to be ten percent bodyfat” “I’d like to look more athletic” “I really want to be able to deadlift 500 and press bodyweight for reps” 18 ©2013 Villain Publishing or worse, “I don’t need a six-pack, I just want to be leaner than I am now” or, “I don’t care to be the strongest guy in the gym, I just want to be able to pull ass at the beach when I take my shirt off” None of these goals sound bad right? I mean who am I to tell someone what he or she should or shouldn’t want from his or her efforts? It’s not that their words do not make sense, I speak their language, and I understand the meaning of their words. Unfortunately however, their own subconscious mind is not as clear about what they want. I frequently say that the subconscious is infinitely intelligent and yet relatively dumb at the same time. It is dumb in that it does not automatically take a half-assed, verbalized wish as a target on which to lock its sights and guide and direct behavior in order to see the wish materialize in reality. That’s the problem with setting a goal. You are not using the single most powerful tool that you have at your disposal, your subconscious, to ensure that the job gets done. In the latter examples of goals that I commonly hear that I listed above the client isn’t even really telling me what they want, but rather what they don’t need to have, or what they can do without. How clear is this to an already confused, overworked supercomputer that is only capable of following the precise direction provided by your beliefs (which we will look at in the next section); your standard? If you understand that your subconscious works like a guided missile to ensure that whatever it is tasked with accomplishing gets done, then you can begin to understand why I say that goals are shitty since they do not directly define a task for it to get to work on. 19 ©2013 Villain Publishing Creating the Standard Ok so all of this sounds good, we know that a simple goal is not enough. We’ve all set goals, even written them down or made them public in some other manner in an effort to increase our accountability. We know that despite how convicted we may set out to be, we rarely see the idea come to fruition. We’ve also established by now that getting the subconscious mind locked on to a target increases our chances of success exponentially. So how do we install this standard, this minimum that we are willing to accept for ourselves, into our subconscious so that it can do its dirty work? It’s simpler than you may think if you use the method that I use with my coaching and consultation clients. First we have to understand and accept that the subconscious is largely visual in nature and responds to images better than any other stimulus. Once we do this, then we must determine what image will represent our target. This is where it gets a bit trickier. You see, I can’t give you an image to use. I am not in your brain, and therefore do not represent complex ideas in visual form in the same manner that you do. In order for the image to represent the adaptations that you want, it needs to be derived organically from your own mind. I elicit the discovery of this image by asking the client a simple question. Once I’ve allowed the client to answer the first question that I mentioned, “What are your Goals?” I follow with another question, “If I had the ability to wave a magic wand and make all of the changes that you want to see happen instantly, what would that look like?” Specifically I am referring to what the finished product would look like visually. 20 ©2013 Villain Publishing

Author John Sheaffer Isbn 9780615775265 File size 3.2MB Year 2013 Pages 88 Language English File format PDF Category Fitness Book Description: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrDiggMySpaceShare This title began as a fat loss/body recomposition compliment to “SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles” and evolved into an amazing work that dives deep into the methods that JP uses with consultation and coaching clients to ensure their success in reaching their physique goals. Part One of this book exposes JP’s famed “Blueprint to Beast” success formula. JP calls this the “Eighty Percent”. He attributes the success of his many remarkable cases over the years to the application of these mental principles that guarantee success. This is the first detailed look, in print, at these principles in action. Prior to this release the only way to receive this information was to pay JP’s notoriously expensive professional rates for consultations or coaching. This is material that you will not want to miss. Part Two looks at the “Twenty Percent” or the mechanical principles that JP uses as his go-to tools with many of his clients. The focus in this section is diet, specifically the straight-forward, no BS, lifestyle friendly methods that JP is known for. This section is worth its weight in gold as a stand alone product, but when applied with the “Blueprint to Beast” principles in place that are outlined in Part One, the results are extraordinary in terms of developing a leaner, harder, more attractive physique. Pick up this title at a fraction of the financial investment that you would need to shell out in order to work with JP one on one. Learn the tools that you need to use to achieve peak performance and discover your true potential.     Download (3.2MB) Strong Is the New Skinny: How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power The Belly Off! Workouts: Attack the Fat that Matters Most The Ultimate Metabolism Diet: Eat Right for Your Metabolic Type Think Skinny, Feel Fit: 7 Steps to Transform Your Emotional Weight and Have an Awesome Life Bromocriptine: An Old Drug With New Uses Load more posts

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