Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens: Deciphering The Dynasties of the Ancient Maya by Nikolai Grube and Simon Martin

09584e0a9bebe0b.jpeg Author Nikolai Grube and Simon Martin
Isbn 9780500287262
File size 37MB
Year 2008
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category history


CHRONICLE OFTHE Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube CHRONICLE OF THE KINGS AND QUEENS D EC IPHERING THE DY N AS TIE S O F THE A N C IENT M AYA SECOND ED ITI ON with 366 illustrations. 86 in color .f~ Thames & Hudson In memory of Linda ScIJeJe (1942-1998) CONTENTS pages 6-7 Preface: Discove ring the Maya Past On the cOI'cr (front and back): l lntcl 24 from Temple 13, shoWIn!; [tza mnaal Bahlam III and his will' Lady K'ahal Xook. The Trustees of the British Museum. pages 8-23 Introduction: pp. 8-9 Maya History - The Major Periods p. 10 Map pp. 11-13 Maya Writing and Ca lendars pp. 14-16 The Royal Culture of the Maya pp . 17-2 1 Classic Maya Politics pp. 22-23 Compara tive Tirnelincs 24-53 (Half·tille) This J'O rl Ta lt of onc of th e Tlkal kings called Chak Tok 1ch'aak is inCised mto the lid of a ce rami c plate. HIS elaborate headd ress is a hi eroglyphic spelhng 01 his name. (FronU5piece) Ceramu; hgu rln e depicting TlKAL The great crucible of Maya civi/izat ion, TikaJ's immense rn,'nsro/1oI! an BOO-year dynastic history that Tan the gamut from regional ascendaIlcy to abject defeat an archetypal Maya kmg, here wearing the headdress of the MeXican Wa r Serpent. Jam;r. lsbnd, 11.0600-800, Musco 54-67 NatIona l de Anuo pologia. Mexico C it y, Cl WOO and 2008 Tham es & Hudson Lld, London PILAS Founded by the nkal exile Bailm Chlln K'awiil,the [D:~O;;S:'~~;',~::~ rook the Ilame of its mother city nkal and fought a r wars against it All R1r,bls Reserved. No pari of thIS pubhul10n may be reprod uced or 68-83 transmitted In any form or by any, electrOnic or mechamcal. mdudmg photocopy, reco rdm g or any other mforrna u on swragc and re!T] eva) 5y~tem, WLthout pnor perm Lssion In writi ng fro m th e publI sher. NARANJO A kingdom rarely free from foreign attack, Naran;o Flts! pubh sht d In '2.000 In the Untied States of Am enCll by 84-99 Th ames & Hud50n In c, 500 Fifth Ave nu e, N"w York, New York 101 10 thamcsandhud!;Qnuu .cOln t~;:,:~:~;E,:,~~:~~:J;';;'~;~;;:'::';~~~ Playing a significant part in 6th century AD, the Cameol dynasty cont rol1ed $(,oond ~d, tlOn 2008 LLbrary of Congru5 Cat alog Card Numbe r '2.oo790SS34 100-11 5 'm'" ISBN 978-0.500.'2.8726.'2. Pnnted and bou nd MKT J'nnt d.d In en;oy"';:d~:t;!:: success under the 'warrior queen' Lady Six Sky and her { son K"ahk' Tiliw Ch an Chaa k Slove ma by EnJoying a 'golden age' of over 130 years, the kingdom of the eclIpsed its arch.rival Tika l to create the most important poJiOl

Author Nikolai Grube and Simon Martin Isbn 9780500287262 File size 37MB Year 2008 Pages 240 Language English File format PDF Category History Book Description: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrDiggMySpaceShare “The ideal reference on Maya archaeology.”—Science News Behind the ancient cities of the Maya and their abandoned artworks lie the turbulent stories of their ruling dynasties. One of the world’s greatest and most powerful civilizations, the Maya experienced constant conflict in a landscape divided among numerous kingdoms. Intense rivalries, rapacious conquerors, and repeated dynastic defeat and breakdown are common themes in many tales of this mighty civilization. The ancient Maya remain one of the most vibrant areas of study in world archaeology. Fresh discoveries in the field, together with the ongoing process of hieroglyphic decipherment, mean that information is constantly coming to light. This new version of the only comprehensive, kingdom-by-kingdom history of the ancient Maya brings the story fully up to date with previously unknown rulers and new glyphic readings, as well as additional information on diplomacy and warfare. 366 illustrations, 86 in color     Download (37MB) The Maya (9th Edition) (ancient Peoples & Places) Maya Civilization (World History) Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt World Monarchies And Dynasties Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization, and Transformation in Complex Societies Load more posts

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