Blue Bay Mystery by Rob M Worley

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Year 2009
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book six blue bay Mystery Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are in for a surprise when their Grandfather arranges to take them on a special trip to a deserted South Seas island. Along with a sailor named Lars and their old friend Mike Wood, the Aldens set sail for adventure. But when they arrive on the island, their rustic adventure leads to the discovery that Blue Bay Island holds a mystery and it’s up to the Aldens to solve it! The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The Boxcar Children Surprise Island The Yellow House Mystery Mystery Ranch Mike’s Mystery Blue Bay Mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner’s The Boxcar Children blue bay mystery Adapted by Rob M. Worley Illustrated by Mark Bloodworth Henry Alden Jessie Alden Watch Violet Alden Benny Alden Visit us at Published by Magic Wagon, a division of the ABDO Group, 8000 West 78th Street, Edina, Minnesota 55439. Copyright © 2009 by Abdo Consulting Group, Inc. International copyrights reserved in all countries. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. Graphic Planet™ is a trademark and logo of Magic Wagon. This edition produced by arrangement with Albert Whitman & Company. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN is a registered trademark of Albert Whitman & Company. Adapted by Rob M. Worley Illustrated by Mark Bloodworth Colored by Wes Hartman Lettered by Johnny Lowe Edited by Stephanie Hedlund Interior layout and design by Kristen Fitzner Denton Cover art by Mike Dubisch Book design and packaging by Shannon Eric Denton Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Worley, Rob M. Blue Bay mystery / adapted by Rob M. Worley ; illustrated by Mark Bloodworth. p. cm. -- (Gertrude Chandler Warner’s boxcar children) ISBN 978-1-60270-591-3 [1. Orphans--Fiction. 2. Family life--Fiction. 3. Mystery and detective stories.] I. Bloodworth, Mark, ill. II. Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979. Blue Bay mystery. III. Title. PZ7.W887625Blu 2009 [E]--dc22 2008036098 book six blue bay mystery Contents Plans..........................................................6 Ship’s School.............................................9 The Lifeboat.............................................11 Food.........................................................13 Surprises..................................................15 Clues........................................................17 Cooking and Swimming..........................19 Vines and Shells.......................................21 Peter.........................................................24 Sea Star....................................................27 Home.......................................................29 PLANS One winter day, Jessie and Henry met in the hall. I think Grandfather is up to something. Violet thinks so, too. Then one day in January, a strange man came to call. My grandchildren love to see new places. Maybe you’re right. I’ll keep my eyes open, too. Soon, Mr. Alden called the children into the room. We’re going on a trip! Three years ago, Lars was shipwrecked on a beautiful island in the South Seas. Jessie, Violet, Henry, and Benny, this is Lars Larson. He is your friend from now on. Best of all, they like to make something of nothing. I am like that, too! I told you Grandfather was up to something. Lars was rescued but would like to go there again. The island is very safe. And we’re going to this island? 6 Yes, and who else do you think is going? Mike! Grandfather explained that they would fly in an airplane to Chicago and pick up Mike. Mike! Oh, boy! My old friend, Mike Wood. Then they’d fly to San Francisco, where they would all get on a boat. The boat was headed for Tahiti, but they would be dropped off at the deserted island. I have to go. Your teachers gave me all your lessons until you come back. Every day on the boat you will study these books. A ship’s school! That will be fun! Aren’t we lucky to have a grandfather who takes us on a trip, and helps us with school just the same? I was thinking the same thing! 7 The next week, Mr. Alden surprised them with new suitcases. You won’t go to school today, since we leave tomorrow. Today, you can pack your bags. The next day, the Aldens flew in an airplane for the first time. “I’ll bet old Mike will be scared!” said Benny. “We’ll see,” said Mr. Alden. When the plane landed in Chicago, they spotted Mike. Mike was thrilled to see Benny again. After the plane landed, a car took them to the ship. The ship’s name was the Sea Star. I’m First Mate on this ship until we get to the island. This is Captain Brown. This is not a passenger ship, so you are the only people on board, except the crew. Here we go! 8 SHIP’S SCHOOL “How long will this trip be, Captain?” asked Henry. “About two weeks,” said Captain Brown. “Then we’ll drop you off at the island.” After breakfast the next morning, it was time for school. A whale! And porpoises. There are about 200 of them! Lesson One is about gulls and stars and fish! You’ll find a picture of them in your book. I think that is in Lesson Two. Whenever the children saw something new at sea, they always found a picture of it in their books. I told you they were great books. 9 Every day there was another lesson. See that net? It catches plankton. It’s made up of tiny, tiny animals and fish eggs and seaweed. Whales live on it. What’s plankton? Grandfather brought a microscope so they could look at the plankton. So tiny! And to think this is what whales eat! They grow big enough! The next day, Violet told them what she’d learned in her book. Captain Cook discovered hundreds of islands. He also discovered Vitamin C. Day after day, the Sea Star went along through the purple sea. It had been going for almost two weeks. “We’re almost there,” Lars said. “I think we had better get ready for our island.” 10 THE LIFEBOAT In the galley, Benny and Mike helped Lars pack food for the island. Be sure to wear good shoes. You’ll be walking over sharp stones and shells. Here is some sea biscuit. Matches. Good! We’ll need a fire. I don’t call those sea biscuit. I call them crackers! They went to the deck, knowing they would soon see the island. Lars spotted the island first, but waited to see who would be the next to see it. Is that land, Lars, or is it nothing? It’s land, Henry. Soon we will see the green palm trees and the big round bay. 11 When the island was very near, the crew let the lifeboats down into the water. One was for the Aldens and Mike, and the other lifeboat was for the sailors’ return to the ship. I never saw such a lovely blue! You never will again. They say this is the bluest bay in the world. That’s why we call it Blue Bay. When they got into the shallow water, they all had to get out of the boat and pull it up on the sand. They were all soaking wet. The sailors rowed back to the ship. The Aldens, Lars, and Mike stood on the beautiful white sand and looked around. We must make a place to sleep tonight. We’ll be dry in no time. The sun is so hot. Two houses! Look! Two houses! 12 FOOD Mike got to the huts first. He saw holes in the roofs and sides. All broken down. No good after all. Yes, they are broken down, Mike. But I wouldn’t say they’re no good. We’ll just fix the floors for tonight. Do you see those tall ferns? Get all you can and bring them here. Lay them on the floor. They must be two deep. They all worked hard, but it was fun. Soon the huts had floors. After the work was done, Lars cut a huge bunch of bananas from the tree. Then, Violet helped him gather stones for a fire pit. Soon the fire blazed high. 13 Lars opened some of the beans they had brought and cooked them on the fire. We washed them in salt water. And we have some clamshells to use as spoons! They had no plates, but Jessie and Violet found seven large shells on the beach. After supper, the whole family went down the beach to the little sea pool. No sharks can get in here, Lars. There are too many rocks, right? The water is so clear, you can see the sand and all those funny things. Right! That’s a grouper. When they were finished, they went back to the huts. The whole family slept till morning. 14 Some of the crackers are gone. SURPRISES I didn’t touch the box, Lars. Honest! In the morning, they had breakfast. Later they all followed Lars into the dark, green woods. Lars, you don’t know Mike as well as I do. He would never just take anything. He stands up for you, Mike, so I know you didn’t take the crackers. We ought to explore the island. You go along. I’ll stay here till you come back. They hiked until they came to a spring. Benny climbed up for a better look. What a beautiful rock. It looks like an enormous nose! I think it is a nose. 15 I think it is part of an old statue. The people on Easter Island made hundreds of enormous statues. As the other children drank from the waterfall, Benny noticed something on the ground. What a funny place for a big shell. And it’s clean, too. It looks like a water cup. I think the eyes are over here! Jessie noticed the tree above her was moving, though the wind was not blowing. Then a coconut fell, nearly hitting her! The group continued to explore. Then, Benny spotted something else interesting. Look at this! There’s a mystery here! That didn’t just happen . . . somebody made it! 16 CLUES The next morning, Benny and Mike searched for rocks and shells on the beach. Look at that great big shell sticking up. Come on, Ben, help me get it out! Once they washed the shell, they discovered something amazing. It’s a turtle shell. That turtle must have weighed 300 pounds when it was alive. Just exactly the same pattern as the stones in the sea pool! We can use it for a kettle. And now we know somebody lives here. The shell may be old, but the pattern in the sea pool is very new. After some patient waiting, a grouper took hold of Henry’s hook! Now that they had a fish stew kettle, they decided to catch some fish. Lars led them to a pool. Don’t lose him now! We waited long enough! 17 Lars knew the fish would make a big stew. First he had to clean it. When he did, he found something strange. It’s a clue! While they were making fish stew, they heard something strange. Wait a minute! What’s this? Where would a fish get a button? Hello, Peter! Who in the world is that? A myna bird. COME OUT OF THE TREES! Hello, Peter! Hello, Peter! 18

Author Rob M Worley Isbn 9781602705913 File size 7/13MB Year 2009 Pages 32 Language English File format PDF Category Other Book Description: FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrDiggMySpaceShare – Adapted with cooperation of Albert Whitman & Co. – Original dialog from beloved classics in all adaptations – Gertrude Chandler Warner biography included     Download (7/13MB) Mystery Ranch Plants and Beekeeping Mike’s Mystery Tallulah Thursday (Book 1 in the Mystic series) Introduction à la biologie du développement Load more posts

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